Recently... How have you been?

Haven't been on xlog for a long time, haha. Recently started writing front-end work, feeling difficult. But as soon as I write a little, I can see what the page looks like. The feeling of instant feedback is really cool.

Feeling a bit slack recently, haven't practiced calligraphy, taken fewer photos. Also, haven't been studying. Every day when I get home, I just open Douyin and start swiping. Plus, maybe I can only get a new lens in August. I've been wanting this lens for a long time, a standard zoom lens. To avoid not knowing how to shoot next, I decided to quickly complete a shooting script, aiming to achieve good results on the first try. I plan to collect a good piece of work every day, write some shooting ideas, to avoid having a blank mind when shooting later. Let's call this theme "analyze a photo every day," shall we?

Current equipment in hand#

ZVE-10, Olympus XA, Pentax SPF, Nikon F75.
The Nikon F75 I bought for 15 yuan on Xianyu has not been matched with a suitable lens. The Olympus XA was bought last month, and the black and white film inside has not been finished yet. Recently, Pentax released the Pentax 17, a brand new film camera, very tempting. Let's see if there's a chance to own it later.

The road to the summit is steep, but I will keep walking on it.

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