Whenever it changes, you will know that time has passed.

This year is about to end, so let's write a summary of this year. Write whatever comes to mind, starting with a few important things, and also write down some reflections.

Photography Opportunity#

At this time last year, I was still immersed in the joy of just buying a camera. It seems like I have found a hobby that I can pursue for a lifetime - photography. I used to not know what I wanted to do, but photography has shown me many things I didn't know before. Since then, I have become less confused and realized the feeling of having a hobby that fills my heart.

I bought a Sony 35F1.8 lens and here are some photos I took at school. Although I have many photos I want to showcase this year, it would be too long, so I'll show fewer. I'll categorize them in a photo essay when I have time.

A bicycle


Ginkgo trees on campus


The dormitory I live in

I also took some photos of a model, and now I want to focus on portrait photography. I'll talk about the rest of the story later because even though I learned some portrait photography techniques, I haven't had a model to shoot yet 😆. Still working on it. Maybe one wish: I hope to start a series of portrait works in the new year.
Recently, I started playing with film again. I bought a Pentax SPF, two rolls of film - Kodak Gold 200 and Cinestill 5207, and have taken about 30 shots so far. I don't know how they will turn out yet because I'm lazy and don't want to do light metering before shooting. I just pressed the shutter more than 30 times based on my feelings, which is quite exciting.


Self-Driving Trip to Tibet#

September and October.
I am very grateful for the help of my brothers and sisters, which allowed me to go to Tibet at the age of 23. This was a post I made before, and I didn't expect it to come true so quickly. It really feels like a dream. This trip to Tibet gave me tremendous energy and at that time, I had just graduated and was full of confusion about the future (although I still am). I think, in the future, whenever I encounter setbacks, I will think of this trip to Tibet. Just like the protagonist in the movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," I also have experiences that I can be proud of. Perhaps something that seemed unreachable in the past will be realized as long as I persevere in life.


Here are some travel photos.

A vulture on the national road


Scenery along the way and Mount Everest






Homestay Volunteering Experience#

November. I volunteered for two weeks. I was always curious about what it's like to be a homestay volunteer, so I went to a tourist attraction and volunteered for two weeks. My daily task was to help register guests, and the experience was quite free. It was just a bit boring.

First Earnings from Photography#

December. Unexpectedly, my first earnings from photography were not from selling camera lenses, but from doing event photography during my free time. I shot for two days and earned 500 RMB. During this time, I met fellow photographers, including college students, a popular Xiaohongshu blogger, and a professional event photographer. I saw everyone's passion for photography, which was quite touching.


Graduation and Work#

Currently working as a backend developer at a small game company. There's not much to say about this part for now. My dream is still to become a digital nomad in the future. My current job doesn't align with my expectations.

TV Series Watched This Year#

"First Love"
The blue color and the snow in the series are so beautiful. Learn!

"Ringya's Journey"

It looks strange, but I still like the part about family.


Watched it in the cinema with my roommate who hadn't seen it before. It's my favorite movie.


Watched it alone. The film shot on film looks really good.

"Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet"

As a Detective Conan fan, how can I not watch it? Looking forward to the next Kid movie.

"Space Brothers"

The snow signal on TV - the afterglow of the birth of the universe.

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

Love life, and you will find your own 25th frame.

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