February Summary

Three things worth celebrating in February:

  • Going back home ✈️
  • Getting the Sony ch720n headphones 🎧, do you understand? Become one
  • Getting into the time-traveling game 🕹️

One thing that's not so happy:

  • Failed the military medical examination


Over the past few years, when I was alone, I always thought about the meaning of life and listened to many stories of young success. In my opinion, the meaning of life has two main aspects. One is dedication, a life of dedication is a great life, for family, for the country, for public welfare. The other is experience, experiencing all the joys of life, trying out various lifestyles, like traveling, photography, free diving, learning various skills. In one's lifetime, experience and dedicate. Currently, not being able to serve in the military to dedicate to the motherland is very sad and regrettable.

In terms of output, I have recently been addicted to flying time-travel simulators, not even wanting to look at code. I want to become a time-travel pilot haha. I joined a project to write a Don't Starve panel, experiencing the feeling of collaborating on code for the first time, which is not bad.

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